About us

Nordic Bond Pricing was established by Nordic Trustee and the Norwegian Mutual Fund and Asset Management Association in 2013, and is an infrastructure company for the benefit of the participants in the bond market.

Nordic Bond Pricing provides a daily independent pricing service for bonds and have developed several benchmark bond indices covering the Norwegian credit bond market.

The company has a systematic approach in obtaining market information, and develop models and analytical tools in order to achieve high quality of the services provided.


Vegard Annweiler, CEO
Vegard.Annweiler | tlf. 21 95 65 41

Stig Korsnes, Senior analyst
Stig.Korsnes | tlf. 21 95 65 42

Thomas Bjerknes Bhandari, Senior analyst
Thomas.Bhandari | tlf. 21 95 65 43

Pål Prestegård Jonassen, Senior analyst
PalPrestegard.Jonassen | tlf. 21 95 65 45

Kristoffer Johan Nilsen, Analyst
KristofferJohan.Nilsen | tlf. 21 95 65 47

Lars Mehlum, System developer
Lars.Mehlum | tlf. 21 95 65 4


The company is owned by:
Verdipapirfondenes forening (Norwegian Fund and Asset Management Association) 50% (www.vff.no)
Nordic Trustee 50% (www.nordictrustee.com)


Jan Pollestad, formann

Bernt Zakariassen, adm.dir Verdipapirfondenes forening

Cato A. Holmsen, adm.dir Nordic Trustee